Product Q&A - Do I Have a Jayco Bagged Awning on My Jayco Camper?

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Jayco as a company has a very long history in Australia and there are many vans of all ages still in use today. Our Jayco bagged awnings and walls are from the new Jayco range.


Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers that should help:


What can I do if I have an older Jayco Van?

The new bagged awnings can be retrofitted to most older Jaycos easily.

However, the new walls will not fit the old bagged awnings. Sometimes if you have purchased a second-hand van you may not know what the exact age of your van is or whether you have a new Jayco bagged awning or a different brand of the bagged awning.


How do I know how old my camper trailer is?

You can look at the sales documents provided with your camper trailer. Alternatively, you can look at your van's compliance plate. This will be stamped with the date of the manufacturer.


What if I have an older style (pre-2012 bagged awning) and I want your new walls - will they fit?

The dimensions of the new walls and the old awnings are different so can not be fitted together.

You can still buy our new walls but you will need to buy the complete package - the new bag awning and the new walls and then they will fit together. You can retrofit the new package to an older van - New Walls and New Bagged Awning. See our packages here. You will not be able to fit the new walls into an old awning.


What options do I have if I have an older bagged awning?

You have a couple of options. You can buy our package - the new bagged awning and the new walls - together these can easily be retrofitted to your older van.

Or you can contact a canvas trimmer or the manufacturer of your awning and ask them if they can make you some walls to fit your current bagged awning.


Do all Jayco Camper Trailers have Jayco bagged awnings?

No, not all Jayco Camper Trailers have Jayco Branded bagged awnings.

If you are planning to purchase our walls only and not the complete package you need to make sure you have a Jayco new range (post-2012) Bagged awning on your van.


Why are they not all fitted with a Jayco bagged awning by the dealer?

There are many reasons you may not have a Jayco bagged awning on your van.

* If it is a second-hand van the original purchaser may have chosen a different branded awning

* If it is an older van the original awning may have been replaced.

* The dealer may have fitted the van with their own preferred bagged awning. Some dealers make their own ranges of awnings.


How can I tell if I have a Jayco Bagged Awning?

* The Jayco bagged awning will always have the Jayco bird on the bagged awning.

* Other brands may have other manufacturer's logos on the bagged awning - examples include Alpine Annexes, Kakadu Annexes, Prestige Jayco, Jayco Ballarat

* Measurements are also a tell-tale sign - the new Jayco bagged awning will measure 2.25 out from the van, have zips to attach the walls (not velcro), and will have the Jayco bird logo.

Attached is an image that shows a standard new Jayco bagged awning AND a bagged awning from a Jayco dealer that is not a Jayco bagged awning. You can see the second bagged awning says it is made by Bartlett for Ballarat Jayco. It is not a Jayco-branded bagged awning. It is a bagged awning made for a Jayco dealer by a canvas manufacturer.


What if my van was made in 2012 - will it have the old or new Jayco bagged awning?

There was some crossover in this particular year. So you may have a newer or older style bagged awning. To check which type you have you can measure how far out from the van your awning extends - 2.25 and it is a new style. If it extends 2.5 it is the older style.


What if I have a different style of Camper Trailer - can these be fitted to other brands of Camper Trailer?

The Jayco bagged awnings and walls have been made to fit the Jayco camper trailer ranges. We have not tested them on any other types of camper trailers and due to the measurements, they would be unlikely to fit. We do not recommend buying this product if you do not own a Jayco Camper Trailer. 



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