Troubleshooting - Powertech Power Adapter - Wont Charge My Fridge - What can I do?

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The most common cause of the power adapter not working is using an adapter that is not large enough for the product it is charging. 


The first thing to check is the size of your fridge, what is the make model, and size of your fridge? 


You will need to check the maximum output current needed for your device is less than 7.5A including the start-up power draw (which is more than the average operating draw). 


This is a common issue - you need to make sure the start-up power required is less than 7.5A 


Often the start-up power is more than the operating power and people do not factor this power need in and only focus on the operating draw. 


Make sure you purchase a device that has enough power to start it up as well as run it. 


If your device requires a higher output this unit is not suitable and the warranty will be void. 


Any damage caused by the use of a device that can draw more than 7.5A is at the buyer's cost, so please check this first prior to ordering.


Please also note these are not suitable for commercial purposes.


For larger and/or more powerful fridges, please see our 12.5A Adapter.

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