Troubleshooting - The fabric on my Fiamma awning is not fitting into my AFK - What can I do?

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There are several steps to tightening the fabric and securing the clamps - one that is easy to fix and often overlooked is that once the fabric is in position you will need to wind your awning in slightly to tighten. 


The video below shows exactly how to do this - please note the tightening at the 8 second mark 


This video will walk you through the steps


The steps are:

Please see our steps below that you can follow with the video:
1. Tighten the fabric when the AFK is in position
2. Position the awning fabric in the clamps
3. When the fabric is in the position, close the clamps
4. Remember to only tighten the clamps after you close them. It's important to close the clamps before tightening


Common Causes of problems are: 




  • The brackets on the van side have not been positioned correctly – Make sure the bracket is positioned so the rafter hole is directly below the fabric
  • The AFK has not been tightened correctly. See notes on cam handles below.
  • The awning fabric has not been tightened after the AFK is in position
  • The awning fabric is in poor condition. Sometimes fine dust, dew or mold can accumulate on the awning fabric which can cause reduced friction for the clamp to grip onto. Cleaning and drying the awning surface will assist in resolving this issue.
  • Insufficient amount of awning fabric is in the clamp. Ensuring the maximum amount of fabric is held within the clamp section of the AFK will provide better grip. Tip: Pull the fabric outwards in the central gap section with one hand while clamping down one of the middle cam handles with the other.





The bracket does not fit in the ,|correct position

  • Ideally the fabric edge on the awning should be in line with the inside edge of the hole in the bracket. If the brackets have bee installed a little too far away from the edge of the fabric this will reduce the grip on the fabric

Rafter Installation

  When installing a rafter in combination with the AFK, ensure the AFK is fitted first. Fitting the rafters first will cause the fabric in the centre section to be pulled back a little with less to grip onto.

If you are still having trouble with your installation, please advise our team.


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