Troubleshooting - Fiamma Anti Flap Kit Installation Video

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How do I install the Anti Flap Kit? 

The Anti Flap Kit is an easy DIY installation - you will need a few hardware items, including 

a screwdriver. Before starting the installation, read the instructional PDF and watch this installation video.





The first step to resolving any problems is to review the troubleshooting steps at the back of the instructions linked above. 

If you are still having problems and would like to ask a question, please submit a support request, and one of the team can assist. 

Click here to submit a request. 


Common Questions: 


A common concern during the initial set-up is the brackets in the casing. These are stiff and require force to fit into the space. This is normal and to be expected. 

Bracket located in the awning casing: 
* If you are having trouble fitting the bracket, please note it should be in line with the edge of the fabric. 

* It will require some pressure to snap it into place. This is normal. 

* If you have too much difficulty, you could alter the sizing slightly by filing a bit off the bottom of the bracket.

Outrigger (outer edge of the awning), the below diagram shows how it fits. 

The little black inserts supplied should be installed into that end of the AFK, and they are moulded to fit over the sloping grey plastic ridge, which looks to be under or closely in line with the edge of the fabric. This will then place the AFK in a position to grab onto the fabric.

Cam Locks & Grip 

If you feel the AFK is not gripping the fabric, review this video and check you are placing and tightening the fabric correctly


1. Tighten the fabric when the AFK is in position

2. Position the awning fabric in the clamps

3. When the fabric is in position, close the clamps

4. Remember only to tighten the clamps after you close them.


It's important to close the clamps before tightening.


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